Texas License To Carry

Texas License To Carry Class ( LTC )

We are registered with the state and proudly provide the Texas License To Carry course.
This class educates students on the responsibilities and laws applicable for the Texas LTC. We cover the required laws, handgun safety, non-violent dispute resolution and proper storage for handguns.
Students will be required to pass a written test and show proper handgun proficiency on the gun range to complete this course.
Upon successful completion, students may apply with the State of Texas for their License To Carry.

LTC - Focus areas within this course include:

  • Class time
  • • Laws that relate to weapons and the use of deadly force
  • • Handgun use and safety
  • • Non-violent dispute resolution
  • • Proper storage practices
  • • Written exam
  • Range time
  • • Live fire handgun proficiency demonstration

Class Prerequisites:

  • Hand Gun Proficiency

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All Sight Alignment instructors for this course are certified NRA Instructors with prior Military or Law Enforcement experience.