Tactical Handgun Application

Tactical Handgun Application ( THA 302 )

This course picks up where our Citizen’s Defense ends.
This is an upper level intermediate course designed to give the student a platform for improving their pistol skills and carrying their weapon system on a daily basis. We will address precision shooting, multiple targets, drawing from the holster extensively as well as shooting from cover in different positions. Ideal for students who have their Texas License to Carry, serve in the local place of worship and or participate in School Guardian programs.

THA 302 - Focus areas within this course include:

  • Instruction time
  • • Major Safety Rules
  • • Knowing your environment
  • • Angles
  • Range time
  • • Live-fire presentation and practice of procedures learned

Class Prerequisites:

  • Hand Gun Proficiency
  • ( sight alignment PHA 301 suggested )
  • Texas LTC or letter from local law enforcement stating student is of good character

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All Sight Alignment instructors for this course are certified NRA Instructors with prior Military or Law Enforcement experience.