Expert Marksman / Instructor

Matthew joined the the sight alignment team in 2014 and is a team-oriented professional with a reputation for integrity and the ability to influence results. He has a successful background in many facets of the police profession, threat assessments, and critical SWAT operations. His operational experience runs the gamut of South Korea and a variety of locations within the United States.

Carson served honorably in the United States Army – Basic Training, Avenger Crew Member, Army Institute for Professional Development, Air Assault School, Basic Leadership Development, Security Operations, First Aid


  • Texas DPS Certified Concealed Handgun Instructor
  • Professional Pistol Instructor
  • Professional Rifle & Shotgun Instructor
  • Military Combat Tactical Pistol Training
  • Military Combat Tactical Rifle Training
  • CSAT Certified Firearms Instructor
  • Concealed Handgun License Holder


  • Commissioned after Basic Police School in law enforcement with the state of Tennessee. Certifying in the operation of an intoximeter EC-IR II, Standardized Field Sobriety Test, basic operation as a police officer, and learning state law along with constitutional rights.
  • 56 hour Basic SWAT school with Williamson County Sheriff’s Office. 40 hour advanced SWAT school with Martin Police Department. High Risk Warrant Planning & Execution with the Regional Counterdrug Training Academy.
  • Intermediate Forensic Tracking School with Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy. Advanced Tracking School with Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy and The Mountain Tracker Association.
  • Combat Shooting And Tactics, tactical pistol and rifle instructor with Paul Howe’s CSAT 48 hour certification.
  • Over 100 hours of specialized training with Fort Campbell SRT team to include live fire shoot house, slow and methodical movements through houses and structures, door breaching and secondary breaching methods, entering various locations to extract hostages with speed, surprise and violence of action, and additional sniper training with 5th Group Special Forces along with SRT Snipers.
  • Drug Abuse Recognition School with the Regional Counterdrug Training Academy.
  • 35 years of shooting experience.