Owner / Expert Marksman / Instructor

Born at Ft. Hood, Tx., “Ed” was raised in Lampasas, Texas. He graduated High School in Wiesbaden, Germany and went into the Air Force in Dec 1989. A1C Hood completed hydraulic tech school in Chanute, Illinois and went on to his first duty station at Rhein Main, Germany where he worked numerous different airframes, both back shop and flight line. In 1994 he was invited to take part in the C-17A test and evaluation team where he made great contributions in the design of the Air Force’s premier airlift aircraft. He went directly into Flying Crew Chief duties as the Globemaster initial cadre where he amassed over 5,000 flight hours transiting almost every country on the planet. TSgt Hood PCS’d to the 353 SOG, RAF Mildenhall to lead the MH-53 Pavelow maintenance team and later became the Squadron Maintenance Superintendent. Upon completion of his overseas tour MSgt Hood returned to the C-17 world where he lead deployments and flightline operations of the entire Travis AFB C-17 fleet. In 2010 Sgt Hood shifted his focus to the job of people. He became a First Sergeant where he proudly led the 615 CRW through tragedies such as the loss of an Airman and the victories of numerous deployments. Sgt Hood returned home to Ft. Hood in 2011 as a First Sergeant where he served the unparalleled men and women of the 3rd ASOG.

During his military career, Sgt Hood attended the standard military combat training, where he received top marks such as expert marksman in rifle and pistol. In addition, Ed has trained in small team tactics and close quarters combat. He has received training in Krav Maga and holds a black belt in Hapkido. Mr. Hood has trained with the professionals at Combat Shooting and Tactics with Tactical Pistol and Tactical Rifle instruction, then took that expertise back home where he passed on his knowledge as a range instructor at Fort Hood.

Since Ed’s retirement, he has met a great lady (fellow shooter) and gotten married. Ed is currently an Instructor and Range Safety Officer in Central Texas. He focuses on his faith, family, his passion for shooting and his son’s paintball career.


  • Texas DPS Certified Concealed Handgun Instructor
  • NRA Certified Pistol Instructor
  • NRA Certified Range Safety Officer
  • Military Combat Tactical Pistol Training
  • Military Combat Tactical Rifle Training
  • CSAT Certified Firearms Instructor
  • Concealed Handgun License Holder