Citizens Protective Handgun Application Class ( CPH 201 )

The next step in self defense for those that have already obtained their Texas LTC.
This course focuses on self defense with a tactical mind set. It is a must for those who have obtained their Texas License To Carry and want improve their abilities.
This is an intermediate handgun course the focuses on engaging multiple targets, dealing with pistol malfunctions and becoming proficient with emergency reloading during an armed engagement.
We will look at home defense, situations outside the home when in general public, as well as in your vehicle.

CPH 201 - Focus areas within this course include:

  • Range time
  • • Live fire handgun proficiency demonstration
  • • Drawing from holster
  • • Engaging multiple targets
  • • reloading under different type situations
  • • Overcoming malfunctions

Class Prerequisites:

  • Hand Gun Proficiency
  • Beginner's Handgun Safety Class ( BH 101 )
  • Texas License To Carry ( LTC )


All Sight Alignment instructors for this course are certified NRA Instructors with prior Military or Law Enforcement experience.